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Signing Off

We wanted to send one last post before we take a break from 25:35. We started our site as a passion project to share our love of food and travel with family and friends. When we first started our site, Dee Dee and I had just gotten married and were able to have the time we felt necessary to dedicate to 25:35. Now, with two small children at home and busier lives, we’ve decided that isn’t possible at this time.

Although our site will not be active, Steve still keeps up with the food scene in Nashville as well as other cities. If you ever want to reach out to get the low down, just send an email to We also have an Instagram account (@twentyfivethirtyfive) where we document our travels and favorite eats.

We’d like to thank you all for following our site and for being a part of this experience with us. And just one last thing, don’t forget…never waste a meal.


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