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First Look/First Taste: Oxford Exchange

When we told our good friend in Tampa that we were heading there recently he said one thing…”You have to go to Oxford Exchange”.  We had no idea what that was but we couldn’t be happier that we took his word for it.  The Oxford Exchange is a brand new restaurant/home decor store/bookstore/coffee shop/tea shop located next to The University of Tampa and instantly became one of our favorite places anywhere.  The aesthetic is perfect – a gorgeous combination of wood, marble, and brick with a black-white-dark walnut and brass color scheme.  Not only were we impressed by the selection of goods but were also taken aback by how affordable everything was.
Initially going for lunch, we loved it so much we proceeded to return the next day for breakfast.  We loved the Super Simple Sandwich –  eggs, cheese, bacon on perfectly toasted bread, the Mini Waffles with warm bananas and toasted nuts and the Smoked Salmon Bruschetta with chive creme, pickled onion and fennel salad.  The coffee shop is from Buddy Brew – fantastic Tampa coffee roaster – and can make delicious pour-overs and espressos from a variety of their hand roasted beans.  We loved the smooth and rich Colombia Santa Barbara pour over.

If you are ever in the Tampa area a trip here is an absolute must.  Sometimes a few pictures are worth a thousand words…

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