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First Taste: DeSano Pizza Bakery (@DeSano_Pizza)

When our good friends in Atlanta took us to Antico Pizza last year we said to ourselves, “Why doesn’t Nashville have a great pizza place like this?”  Now, Nashville does, and it..well, is Antico Pizza, just with a different name. The owners of Antico have recently opened DeSano Pizza Bakery just off of the Music Row Roundabout on 16th Avenue.  DeSano boasts three similar wood burning ovens in the back of an open warehouse-type design with communal seating (perhaps a few more seats here vs. Antico). Some of their delicious signature pizzas include the San Gennaro (sausage, peppadew, buffalo mozzarella, caramelized onions) and the Verdura (Broccoli rabe, mushroom, tomato, garlic, buffalo mozzarella) and come out of the oven with a slightly charred chewy crust. Wine, beer and desserts also available. You better go now before the secret gets out – the line in Antico in Atlanta is usually out of the door!

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