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First Taste: Legato Gelato

Today we went to Legato Gelato, a new gelato shop in Edgehill Village (in fact, it was already our second visit) and wanted to pass on the news –  Legato Gelato is great! Housed in the site of what was formerly Fat Straw, right next to Taco Mamacita – the space has been remodeled by an owner who obviously has an eye for interior design. Great light fixtures with beautiful mirrors adorn the ceiling and walls and a great wooden table sits in the middle of the small quaint store. The obvious draw here is their gelato. All of the flavors that we have tasted so far have been delicious – from the Local Honey with Chevre to Coffee to Graham Cracker to Stracciatella to Banana. The staff is wonderful and happy to provide free samples of their flavors. They have Classics which they keep daily and then have ever changing new flavors of the day as well. Keep tabs on them on Twitter to see what they have each day.

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