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First Taste: Barista Parlor

Today, we checked out Barista Parlor, a great brand new artisan coffee shop in East Nashville.  Although they are just having a soft opening this weekend we instantly loved the space, decor, vibe as well as the coffee.  The site used to be a transmission center and they have done a wonderful job in converting the space. It has a large open layout with a central barista station surrounded by long reclaimed wood tables and a wall with three large garage doors. The look of place reminded us of Four Barrel Coffee in San Francisco.  A nice unique feature is that their table and bar area are full service with a coffee menu describing the various coffee tasting notes.

They have carefully selected beans from a few esteemed roasters throughout the country including coffee from Intelligentsia (Chicago), Counter Culture (Durham), Slayer (Seattle), Madcap (Grand Rapids), and Sightglass (San Francisco). Baristas prepare espresso drinks and coffee is prepared using pour over brewing methods. They also sell artisan chocolates, coffee beans and coffee brewing tools. Sounds like breakfast food options may be coming soon as well as sandwiches supplied by Porter Road Butcher.  We anticipate this place will be an instant hit.

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